A Trainer's Day at Abacus Centre

You may be an on- job trainer, teach in schools or you may have given lots of presentations in college auditorium or perhaps you work for a company that provides Abacus training to teachers. When you deal with teachers, the responsibility gets double because they already have a teaching experience in their respective fields. Below are some tips which you need to follow when you are at Abacus centre for training teachers:


Preparation: Preparation doesn’t mean that you need to learn all the content and just deliver. It means the way you structure the training, present the material and the activities which you want to conduct. The more efforts you put in it, the better results will be achieved in training in the form of a satisfied trainee.


Making people feel at ease: In Abacus education, when you are launching a centre in a new area then you needs to train the teacher for the first time. In that case every time you are training a new group of people. In such a situation, doing things like splitting people up into pairs and giving them a list of questions to ask each other or a proper introduction session will work remarkably.


A Presentation in an interesting way: When we talk about abacus training, you have to have an interesting way to present the content in front of the trainers/teachers who will teach the abacus to students at their centers. In that case, rather than simply reading out of a text book, provide lots of examples and include different types of activities as this will help you to break the monotony of learning theory. By doing this, your trainees will retain the information and the same will be delivered to the students further.


Be approachable: it is very essential to know about the people you are about to train. Each individual is different in terms of skills, learning style and possible weaknesses. Knowing these factors will enable you to furnish the needs of each person in the best manner. Always ensure that everyone can learn in the environment you provide them.


Know what you are talking: It’s really important to have knowledge about the subject you are conveying. Ensure that you give yourself enough time to plan and learn the content so that you can deliver the training in the most valuable way to your trainees.


When you are training your team, works with hands- on approach, ask questions and spark a debate. The Abacus training must be conducted in a very sophisticated way so your trainee will remember you even after the training.