Evaluation of Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics is an ancient science that was developed based on the knowledge enclosed in the Vedas, Hindu ancient texts of assembled knowledge dating 5,000 years ago. How Vedic mathematics get the popularity in the world? What is the need of it? Why we always need mathematics every where? What is the starting point of the tail? Let’s have a Look on it.


If I look around the world as a mathematician I find something which amazed me, the most important miracle of this world to measure almost everything around us. Why amazed because we have the ability to measure everything inbuilt in us. I am not able to imagine a world without the ability to calculate something. Lets start with very first instance of this calculation as they say god made the world in seven days and seven nights. It shows itself that without the ability to compute something there would be no order in the world. I can say that everything in this universe has measurements – the planets, the stars, the music, the word we speak. In other way I can say if there was no measurement there would be no distance and no movement or vibrations. As we know the very foundation of the world is depend on movements and vibration, which results in the existence of measurement.


Throughout the years from the civilization people have tried to find a way to measuring these cycles, movement of sun, planets and even changes in the earth’s atmosphere. Hence the science of mathematics was born. We have great scholars such as Pythagoras, Aryabhata and others; the introduction of ZERO was the greatest contribution ever in the field of mathematics from India. Prior to that we don’t have even nine as a number, the Roman Empire had a number system till eight only. After the discovery of zero it all started and we achieved a new level of mathematical measurement and the base system of calculations. This revolution in mathematical measurement launched the world towards a great scientific achievement which was incomparable until Vedic Mathematics arrived as a new mathematical science.


Ever since the vedic mathematics was introduced it makes the mathematics very easy as child’s play. Vedic mathematics gave the freedom to the learner to explore the new way to mathematics and computation. It is needless to say that even today researchers are continuously working to explore the new area of Vedic mathematics.