How to train kids on Abacus

Abacus is a very useful way to teach numbers and arithmetic mental maths to kids. There are many ways to teach numbers, some of them can be fun and some can be boring for young kids. In that case, abacus is an outstanding tool to teach counting to your kid. Abacus consists of beads that can be moved up and down on a series of sticks within a frame. Here we talk about some techniques to teach abacus to kids.


First of all, you need to have an abacus on which you can demonstrate the numbers or counting which you want to teach to the kids. They need to understand what each bead represents in the abacus. Each rod on the abacus can be used as a number column. Let’s say first rod is ones and second rod is tens and then hundreds and so on.


How to train kids on counting by using abacus:


1. First ask your child to clear the abacus that means upper beads and lower beads will not touch the centre bar.

2. Tell your child to move few beads to centre bar and ask him/her to count those beads. This practice will be continued with tens rod and hundred rod and so on.

3. Children can also learn numbers 1 to 100 by moving the beads.


How to demonstrate addition to kids using abacus:


All the beads on the bottom row of abacus tool are worth 1 each. For example, to teach your kid a simple addition like 1+2=? Ask your kid to move all the beads down. Ask them to move 1 bead to centre bar. Now tell the child to move 2 beads from lower beads to centre bar. Count the beads together on the unit rod. Now you get a total of 3 beads.



Another example 10+30 =? Each

d rod is worth 10 each. Move 1 bead in the second rod to the centre bar. Now move 3 more beads to the centre bar. It makes a total of 4 beads which is equal to 40. bead on the secon


In similar ways you can teach subtraction on abacus. We must understand that abacus training for kid should be interesting and easy to understand so that your students will love to attend Abacus Training Classes.